About Goliath


In 1985, Keith's father, Forrest Davis, (Pee Wee) quit his job as a welder in a casket factory and said, “Boys, I’m gonna go home and build oversize caskets that you would be proud to put your mother in.”

He and his wife Mary, saw the need to produce a quality oversize casket. The company started in an old converted hog barn on their farm, by offering just two sizes and one color. From those beginnings, the company expanded rapidly to a full range of sizes starting at 29” wide, up to 52” wide, and up to 8 feet long.



Keith and his wife Julane joined the business in 1990, and later continued ownership after Forrest passing in 1998.

A family business of 25 years that was committed to serving the oversize casket need.



Paragon has a reputation for excellent service, and with our existing manufacturing abilities we plan to carry on with the commitment put forth by the Davis family to produce a quality oversize casket